A platform for online manifestation together on a shared map.
You want to support a manifestation, a protest or a demonstration, but you really cannot join it (you are sick, you are far away, you are under lockdown due to a worldwide virus, …) : the web site allows you to participate by placing your avatar on a map at the location of the manifestation and thus display your support. Your avatar is visible publicly on the map, as well as all the other avatars.
You can also organize an online-only manifestation, or join one already organized, by inviting a large number of persons, through social network for example, to come and manifest at a certain time and location on
You can personalize your avatar by associating a banner on which you write a slogan. You can move your avatar around at will, or remove it from the map.
Your avatar represents you. Your avatar is unique and can be only at one place at a time. is a civic initiative. wants to provide everyone with new tools for action toward a democratic life. wants to support the diversity of territories in struggle and to create performative cartographies. is free and without advertising. respects your private life. is not commercially driven nor emanating from any state nor administration. does not share its information with any commercial nor state entity. does not contain any advertising. does not transmit, store, or provide in any way any of your coordinates nor personal information to anyone. NO private information (phone number, IMEI number, name or any other) is transmitted on internet. Only the avatars, their randomly calculated ID, their position and the slogans are transmitted on the internet. You are totally anonymous. But you are there for sure.
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